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About Zoe Yang

Welcome! I'm Zoe Yang, a Bay Area-based photographer whose passion ignited from snapping candid classroom moments as a child in Shanghai. This fascination matured in high school, resulting in a profound interest in photography that showcases my personal evolution.

My urban upbringing deeply influences my focus on urban architecture, industrial structures, and advanced technology, birthing my fascination with cyber cities. Furthering my skills at Cornell, I fused technology, art, science, and engineering into a unique discipline - interdisciplinary photography, emphasizing symmetry, precision, and balance.

My work aims to transport viewers into a serene and simplistic aesthetic realm, abstracting subjects to amplify their essence. This portfolio is a gateway into my world.

When not capturing moments, I find pleasure in fashion, tech gadgets, and golfing, as an adrenaline enthusiast, living life on the edge.


Enjoy exploring my site!

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