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About Zoe Yang

Hello, world! I'm Zoe Yang, a photographer based in Bay Area. Welcome to my website!

In elementary school, I was given my first camera from my dad. I began shooting the silly expressions of my classmates and felt extremely happy to capture the weird bits of my life. Later, in the high school photography club, my peers and I researched and learned techniques to take the perfect picture, which opened up my world of photography. The intention of my work now captures my journey and growth as a human being.


I grew up in Shanghai, and I am a city person who loves all aspects of living in a major metropolis which is reflected in my work. In a way, this makes my photography more focused on urban architecture, industrial structures, advanced technology, and I have a strong interest in cyber cities... Then as a graduate student at Cornell, I began to integrate my study of technology, art, science, and engineering, which defines my photography as interdisciplinary photography. These areas influenced my methodology in photography by focusing on symmetry, precision, and balance. And I am developing my own ethos, expression, and humanity in the world of photography.


My intention is to evoke a space of simplicity and serenity for those viewing my pieces. I immerse my audience into a newly created aesthetic world by creating an abstraction of my subjects and bringing to the forefront of its significance. I hope to share my world with you on this website.


Beyond science and photography, my hobbies involve fashion, tech gadgets, and extreme sports. I am an adrenaline junky who loves the thrill of living and being out in the world!

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